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Access Matting & Portable Road Product Details

Pro Road Rig Mats™  580 tons/m² load – safe working load


Features Benefits
Extreme Compressive Load Capabilities (up to 825psi) Pro Road Rig Mats™ can support the heaviest equipment and vehicles over soft terrain and in any climate
Zip Connection System Pro Road Rig Mats™ ACCESS MATS lock together using the Zip interlocking system, no movable parts (without cam- lock systems like overlapping flange systems)
1 x 3m, 1m x 6m or 2m x 3m Mat Dimensions (Any width x max 6m length available) Pro Road Rig Mats™ are properly sized to ship flat in standard ISO containers, simplifying loading and unloading, equipment needs and reducing upfront expenses.
Unique Manufacturing Process Pro Road Rig Mats™ are stronger than other composite matting systems that contain microscopic voids due to incomplete melting during the moulding process.
Polypropylene Composite Formula Pro Road Rig Mats™ unique blend of virgin Polypropylene, specialized fillers, UV treated, anti-static and other additives prevents cross-contamination, sparking, degradation, and warping due to temperature variances or thermal expansion, while strengthening the plastic.
Zip interlocking Pro Road Rig Mats have no need for overlapping flanges.
The Zip interlocking system does away with movable parts such as cam-locks &  reduce the risk of soil contamination and ease installation.

ProGRI-069Pro GRI Ground Reinforcement

  • 99 tons/ m² static load – safe working load
  • soil stabilization solution for additional ground stabilization
  • Easily installed solution for grass and ground reinforcement.

Best Suited for use in:

  • Parking areas
  • Access track/roads
  • Farms
  • Campsites
  • Golf paths
  • On-field events and even airfields.
  • Interlocking PE/PP Tiles are ideal for ground reinforcement

Main Advantages

  • Provides an all-weather highly durable surface, which acts as ideal grass reinforcement.
  • Secure interlocking tiles stop standing edges.
  • A textured surface provides traction and a safe non-slip surface for pedestrians.
  • Highly resistant to even the most destructive substances, and unaffected by rot.
  • Natural turf is able to grow back through the tiles, preserving your sporting pitch and protecting it at the same time.
  • Natural drainage is maintained by allowing water to pass through the tiles.
  • Tiles do not splinter.
  • They can withstand loads of up to 40 t/m² or even more once installed.
  • Most countries do not require planning permission to install Pro GRI
  • Installation is simple and requires no particular skill or tools.
  • The tiles can usually be rolled straight onto unprepared soft grass surfaces
  • Easily removed later and stored
  • When compared to alternative options Pro GRI offers a very affordable solution.
  • Unlike most other grass reinforcement products, PRO GRI requires no excavation to install. In exceptionally muddy or wet conditions or where the ground is particularly uneven terrain, some ground preparation may be necessary.
  • Pro AF

    Pro AF

    Light Duty: maximum 61 ton load / m² static load

  • Access Floor/used in tents and temporary shelters

Pro AF floors are made up of injection-moulded (165mm x 325mm) units that snap together on all four sides using our inter-module T-connection system.

Each module is manufactured using a hi-impact UV stabilized, polypropylene copolymer that is chemical resistant and features a FR-CB / HB flammability rating.

Once the modules are connected or assembled, they are able to be rolled up in sections for easy installation, storage and transport.
This allows for thousands of square meters of flooring to be installed easily and quickly with minimum labor.

Our mats also come in 22 different colours; which is especially useful when demarcating specific areas/zones within an area.

Sections are weather resistant, durable and able to withstand extraordinary stresses and loads, including the weight of trucks and cars. Should a module become damaged it can be inexpensively and easily removed replaced; even from the middle center of a large floor area. Sections are easy to maintain and clean using either a single disk washer or by hand with standard cleaning fluids and a brush.

Each standard Portable Floors module is 36mm high and features a sequence of reinforcement supports and ribs, which distribute weight as well as add strength. Each module has sufficient clearance for water flow and recessed cabling or water/gas/power lines to be neatly placed underneath the flow.

Pro AF with cable management

  • 30mm access cavity underneath the tile for cabling
  • Floor height: 36mm
  • Access cavity 30mm runs in a cross under the tile.This cavity allows for easy access to: 200 kva generator cables, 3 phase power cables, Ropes lights, LED lights, ¾ inch poly cop pipe, Gas lines and Water lines.

Access Matting That Solves Problems

Composite Base Rig Mats™ access mats are the result of solutions to a variety of issues that arose using other composite mats in the most strenuous of field tests.